Welcome! I’m Stephanie, and I help busy women like you embrace your most radiant self.

Every woman deserves to feel good in her own body—I’m here to help you live the healthy, satisfying, joyful life you deserve! I’m a holistic nutritionist, health & wellness coach, personal trainer, pilates instructor, and mama of two incredible boys, and I believe your health can be drastically improved through simple changes in diet. I’m passionate about helping women create positive relationships with food; I’ll help you embrace new eating habits, teach you how to make it easy, and share why certain foods are beneficial for your unique body.

I develop manageable, effective programs that will restore your glow and leave you with vibrant energy, a healthy home environment, and a new love of life. I’ll also help you boost your metabolism, balance your hormones, plan & cook (quick) healthy meals, and lead you in the exercise that’s just right for you, so you can live an energized life in a body you love!

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Latest from the blog: Stay Calm and Carry On

Anxiety is a major problem in the US these days. Women have double the risk for anxiety than men and 33% of women have a severe bout at least once in their life.

Anxiety is the feeling of prolonged stress that makes you feel ‘revved’ up. Sometimes, an anxiety disorder stems from poor gut health or from a hormone imbalance. Or, from lack of certain nutrients in your diet. The sustained heightened cortisol can stress your adrenal glands, createhormonal imbalances, increase your blood pressure, and “rev” belly fat, sugar cravings, and insulin levels.

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